ROLE: Director, Editor

Composed with a combination of AI processing, lasers, and analog video synthesis, the music video for “Gir◎” exists in the space between the synthetic and natural.

The creative process began with Pau Corea’s previous video for “La Cumbre,” a video that Pau & I view as a first chapter to “Gir◎”.

To integrate the two videos, Cody Samson and I used Runway ML to train an AI version of “La Cumbre.” The results were used as the main backgrounds of the video. We also used this technique to create a StyleGAN network of Pau and his hands.

From here, the editing approach was to blur the boundary between real footage and AI footage as much as possible. I started with a lot of digital filtering with Touchdesigner and eventually switched over to the analog world & practical effects. The climax of the video makes use of a Tachyons+ analog glitch synthesizer and features footage of a laser tracing erroneous outlines and a laser refracting through a tank of water.

Music: Pau Corea

Director: Clayton McCracken
GAN Artist: Cody Samson