ROLE: Laserist, Video Artist, Live Visual Artist

Director Luke Orlando and I wanted to pull out every trick in the bag for this special song. As a result, I ended up generating LED wall content, firing lasers, crafting oscillographics, building CRT installations, and performing live visuals for this one. 

Music: Magdalena Bay
Label: Luminelle Recordings

Director: Luke Orlando
Producer: JJ House
Director of Photography: Pedro Bringas
Video Artist / Laserist: Clayton McCracken
Production Designer: TJ Hamouzas
Helmet Design: Ash Davis
On Set Dresser: Spike Miller
Editor: Dan Carr
Additional Edits: Luke Orlando
Colorist: Dante Giani
Title Design: Tilda Rawls
Lighting Design: Lee Duck
Gaffer: Oscar Martinez
Key Grip: Griffin Voss
1st AC: Scott Ji
Steadicam Op: Justin Jota
HMU Artist: Ulrica Zou
Associate Producer / BTS: Dee Galipeau
VFX Artist: Daniel Felipe Mangosing
Shot at Lodge Room and Nighlight Studios

Extras: Lauren Sorantino, Anthony Anchelowitz, Michaela Reitano, Claire Schmidt, Zoe Albero-Oritt, Ariana McGinn, Cayla Dunn, Sean Dishman, Shelbey Kimball, Rina Morsisyan, Benjamin Mandel, William S. Duncan, Shiv Nadkarni