ART FILM | 2017
ROLE: Director

Presenting “2x1”, a long-exposure stop-motion animation with original scoring by Andrew Olson.

An homage to the roots of experimental animation, the composition explores relationships between contours, light, and texture through audio-visual relationships within a lumber warehouse in Savannah, GA.

What is the relationship between stop-motion animation and a lumber warehouse? Loose lumber, like frames to a film, assembles together to support a complete structure--a union of conglomerate assets to become one whole object. Construction materials within a finished structure offer a glimpse at how the structure around them was built in the first place. The meta-referentiality of construction materials within a finished structure inspires the frame within a frame structure of 2 x 1.

Each second of this animation is 24 frames. Each frame is a 20-second exposure featuring polygons projection-mapped onto painted cardboard. In order to achieve a holographic look and feel, images were flash-projected onto the cardboard for 1 second. The other 19 seconds became a choreographed dance with crew members, dressed in all black, running into the frame and flying out cardboard-bearing stands. Each frame captures the invisible effort of the insanely dedicated and wonderful crew I had the honor to work with on this one.

Director: Clayton McCracken
Producer: Evan Secory
Sound Designer: Andrew Olson
Lead Animator: Melody Kirby
Projection Mapping: Sara Roma
Projection Mapping: Cody Samson
Gaffer: Collin Gibson
Gaffer: Sawyer Oubre
Gaffer: Dylan Genis
Gaffer: Brandon Babbit
Photographer: Parker Stewart
Production Designer: Alexa Holland
Production Designer: Sophie Wagman
Location Supervisor: John Swisher
Animator / Art PA: Anastasia Skrebnova
Animator / Art PA: Brian Pucci
Animator / Art PA: Daryn Yamamoto
Animator / Art PA: Enna Chow
Animator / Art PA: Jackie Nash
Animator / Art PA: Kyle Tiller
Animator / Art PA: Matt Griffin
Animator / Art PA: Matthew Conzelmann
Animator / Art PA: Naomi Wiener
Animator / Art PA: Oliver Chen
BTS Photographer: Kiele Twarowski